ThermoFoam Straw Foam

ThermoFoam Straw Foam

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ThermOfoam Fireblock Sealant is a low pressure, one component, polyurethane foam sealant specifically designed and colored orange to seal annular spaces around ducts, plumbing penetrations, cables, and other penetrations between rooms and floors. A critical advantage of ThermOfoam Fireblock Sealant is its ease of use and its effectiveness at blocking smoke and toxic gases. The foam sealant stops air infiltration by blocking air from entering/escaping through gaps which prevent the flames, smoke, and gases from spreading. The product is for use in Type V residential construction. Fireblock Sealants are not intended for use in hourly rated assemblies.

ThermOfoam Fireblock Sealant is available as a 12oz or 24oz straw foam and a 24oz gun foam. The gun foam versions is designed to be dispensed through any gun foam dispensing unit. The straw foam versions are designed to be dispensed through a straw adapter (included with each can).


THERMOFOAM- Low Pressure Polyurethane Foam Sealant


ThermOfoam is a low pressure one-component polyurethane foam sealant that is a moisture-cured, multipurpose sealant designed to seal and fill small cracks and voids, creating a tight barrier against noise, moisture and air infiltrations.

Compared to standard cartridge type sealants, ThermOfoam polyurethane foam sealants have excellent adhesion and expansion characteristics ensuring a complete and permanent air tight seal. Polyurethane foam sealants result in less waste on small jobs while having an economic impact on large jobs.

ThemoOfoam Sealants are available in a variety of sizes and can be dispensed with a straw applicator or a foam dispensing unit.




  • Sealing around HVAC Vents and Pipes
  • Sealing Through the Wall Penetrations
  • Sealing Insulation Board Joints
  • Sealing Electrical Outlets
  • Sealing Electrical Openings
  • Sealing Plumbing Penetrations
  • Sealing Through Stud Penetrations
  • Sealing Baseplates
  • Sealing Can Lights
  • Air Sealing Attic