What Makes Thermo The Industry Leader In HVAC?

Thermo Manufacturing is an industry leader in the creation of innovative alternative products for HVAC installations, remodeling and repairs.

Our story begins in 1992, when Darryl L. Snyder decided to develop a series of ideas borne of his experience as an HVAC contractor. As a sheet metal journeyman, he saw first-hand the problems that came about during HVAC installations. This resulted in his first product, Thermo-Pan® – a lightweight, sound absorbing alternative to the sheet metal used in return air ducts.

Thermo-Pan® was an instant hit with the HVAC industry, inspiring Snyder to create more labor-saving products. Since then Thermo’s product line has grown to encompass an entire family of products designed to make HVAC installations easier, less time-consuming, and more professional looking. With every Thermo product designed to be simple, functional, and cost effective, it naturally gave birth to The Thermo Advantage.

Thermo has representatives all across North America that service a full line of products available through our dealer network. However, this site is designed to give homeowners the opportunity to purchase smaller quantities for personal home improvement and other DIY projects.

If you have any questions about our line of products and their capabilities, our experts are only a toll-free phone call or fax away

Thanks for taking time to see what we have to offer, and remember – when it comes to HVAC, you’ll want The Thermo Advantage!