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The Easy Way to Airtight Through-Wall Line Set Installations

The Thermo Retrofit Thimble™ is the professional way to run your pipe and wire projects through 4, 6 or 8-inch walls. By providing an airtight seal to outside wall penetrations, it avoids messy-looking installations and hides ugly wires. Using high-density foam gaskets to keep out air, insects and other pests, it lets you run electrical, plumbing, and A/C line sets through outside walls while stopping snags.

This innovative product installs easily on siding or masonry walls and saves labor costs. It is suitable for residential and commercial applications. These wall thimbles also give a custom look to your HVAC installations by cleaning up insulation foam around the foundation.

It’s another way to get a professional look on your installation, repair or remodel job – and is another way to get The Thermo Advantage!